Our shop is the only shop in Cincinnati that has a trained, three time award winning Violin Maker on staff to meet the individual's needs of our customers.

A Brief History of  Violin Making
The art of instrument making has been passed down since the mid 1500's. Great masters teach pupils, who then service long years in apprenticeship to learn their craft.

Services Offered

  • The staff of A Violin Maker's Workshop is very well qualified to meet
        your performance  and educational needs.
  • Custom Made Violins, Violas, Cellos
  • Bow Rehairs
  • Rental Instruments (Call for Rental Information)
  • Expert Instrument Repair
  • Strings
  • Supplies
  • Appraisals
  • We buy, sell,  and trade.
  • We give personalized and friendly service that the internet
        and catalog companies can not give.



     Jerry grew up in Chicago and earned his Bachelor of the Arts
    in Music Education from Depaul University. Upon graduation, he taught music in the Chicago
    area before joining the Peace Corps .  There he spent three years teaching and directing in a music school in Honduras.
    When he returned to the U.S.,  Jerry attended the Chicago School of Violin Making and studied under Master Violin Maker Tschu Ho Lee, of the Kenneth Warren & Son shop.
    A Violin Maker's Workshop was founded in Cincinnati in 1991.
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    A Violin Maker's Workshop Guarantee
    Whether you are shopping for an instrument or bow, are in need of repair or supplies, would like to know the value of an instrument you own, or want to rent an instrument for  yourself or child, you can come to us with confidence.  A Violin Maker's Workshop presents qualified skill and expertise in all aspects of instrument making, repair and handling.